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Free Load BoardLooking for a freight load board that doesn’t break the bank?  How about a FREE one?

Usually you get what you pay for, especially when something is free. Free rarely ever means quality, or useful, or worth recommending to friends. Free usually means “good enough to not complain, but not really good enough to make you happy.” That’s about to change.

Paying for a freight load board doesn’t give you any real value. Sure you can search for things, and without paying for a subscription most load boards don’t allow any searching at all. So the only value they are offering is really just a peek at what is there. The rest is up to you. You have to make a phone call to see if the load is still available. You have to figure out the negotiated rate for the load. You have to arrange to exchange documents to grant or receive the load tender. You have to monitor the progress and update everyone while the load is being hauled. You have to collect all load documents and produce an invoice for the customer. Then you have to wait to get paid, or pay a fee to get what’s owed to you quicker. Seems like you are doing all the work, and paying for it. At the same time the load boards sell advertising to put in front of you all day long. Sounds like this deal gives you less than you pay for.

Want more? Of course you do. Searching for freight loads on eloadfreight.com is free. “Free?” you may ask. Yep, totally free. I can hear you thinking from here, “So I guess there are a ton of ads?” Nope. There may be some, but fewer than you are used to on a pay site. “So if you don’t charge for searching and there aren’t many ads, how do you make any money?” Simple, we have new features we charge for that you can’t get from any other freight load boards. These features are completely optional and only charged for when you use them. That makes eloadfreight.com a true pay-as-you-go type of service. Use what you want, when you want, but searching is always free! What are the features? I thought you’d never ask!

  • Digital Document Storing & Sharing – keep all your important documents like contracts or shipment documents in one place, and fax or email them to anyone you need to share them with!
  • Real-time GPS Tracking – no satellites required, use any smart phone to track the load movements!
  • Keep Load Records – all the loads you do can be stored, searched, and reported on!
  • Invoices & IFTA – generate your invoices for customers, and click a button to get your all your miles by state for IFTA Reporting!

Is that all? Nope, there’s more. But you’ll have to wait until launch time to see the other exciting features. The only thing you have to remember is that eloadfreight.com is more than just “good enough”. Using it will make you very happy. So happy in fact you will want to tell your friends about it. You will probably make new friends just to tell someone new about this exciting new technology.

Free freight searching and features you can’t find anywhere else. Sign up for our email list today to get more information as the launch date gets closer.


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