Still Using Freight Load Boards?

Freight Load BoardsTired of staring at fright load board screens? Rather spend your time doing something more productive? Post your truck on and forget it. Let find the loads you want to haul and make the brokers call YOU!

Not only will find the right loads to haul at the right price, it knows when and where your trucks are available. The most intelligent system on the planet for matching freight loads to your empty trucks.  Never backhaul empty again! is the next generation of freight load boards. In fact, it really ins’t a freight load board – it’s a freight marketplace! You can do the entire transaction here instead of just searching and calling.

No more disappointments. No more frustrating dead ends. Just real brokers with real freight.

Want to store documents like your DOT Authority and your W-9? Yep, does that.

Want to track your shipments via GPS? Yep, does that.

Want to create invoices and send them via fax or email instantly? Yep, does that too!

Want to keep track of all the loads you do, and report on them several months down the road? You guess it, does that.

Everything you’ve ever wanted in a freight load board can be found in So, when you’re done using the same old freight load boards that don’t give you everything you need to be successful, try a freight marketplace with all the right tools to boost your success.


eloadFREIGHT, where searching is FREE! …. 24/7 – 363!



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