Welcome Freight Professionals!

Carriers & Truckers…

Do you like calling on loads that have already been tendered?

Do you enjoy spending time searching the load boards for freight?

Is it fun to continue to post your trucks manually every time you need a backhaul?


Freight Brokers…

Do you enjoy answering the phone 10 times for a load after it has been tendered?

Do you like waiting 30 minutes or more to receive tendering faxes?

Are you satisfied with the status quo?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, perhaps you should consider a different industry.  If you answered NO to these questions, you have come to the right place.  eloadFREIGHT.com is the next generation of freight matching services.  Using cutting edge web technology we have developed a system that is easy enough to learn in one sitting, yet powerful enough to manage the largest transportation operations.

With eloadFREIGHT.com say goodbye to…

    • searching and calling for each and every load
    • expensive faxing from truckstops
    • time wasted and money lost

and say hello to…

    • searching and finding loads faster with memorized profiles!
    • storing and reporting on past freight loads!
    • storing and sharing digital documents!
    • real-time GPS track and trace!
    • better loads and faster payments!

When you’re ready to pay less and get more – sign up for eloadFREIGHT.com. Do something nice for your business today!